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Logo for Serenity Soundproofing system, a bar graph of sound going from high to low and "serenity" underneath

Simply the Best Sound-Reduction Coating on the Market

SERENITY with SRT Sound-Reduction Technology is the most effective, highest performing sound-reduction coating on the market today. Serenity is a scientifically proven, easy to apply, paintable sound-reduction solution for use on interior surfaces including ceilings, walls, plaster and drywall. No other sound-reduction process offers such superior results with so little work, especially considering it is the most advanced non-invasive sound-reducing solution available anywhere in the world.  


Serenity's Base Coat features patented resilient layers which are scientifically formulated to absorb and deflect sound transmission with a 52 STC rating. This translates to quieter rooms and dramatically reduced sound transfer! The Base Coat forms nano-membranes that create sound absorbing and sound deflecting barriers. Our Finish Coat has the same sound deflecting formula to complete the sound-reduction system. Serenity is available in base gray plus 12 Designer Colors and can be customized further with our Serenity Texture System.   


Serenity's amazing technology offers benefits beyond its amazing sound-reduction attributes. Applying Serenity to any porous surface transforms it into a waterproof, mildew-resistant protective barrier. Studies have shown that Serenity is ideal for sealing walls painted with lead-based paints, and satisfies the requirements of both the EPA and HUD regarding lead-based paint containment.    While Serenity's technology is advanced, it is also eco-friendly. Proven to emit nearly zero VOCs into the environment, Serenity is safe and non-toxic. This attribute is especially important for healthcare facilities, hospitals, schools, food care facilities and other industries where the environment must be carefully controlled for the safety of others. Click Here to learn more about Serenity!


Advanced sound reduction from a safe and non-toxic coating that's also waterproof and mildew-resistant. 12 Designer Colors and our exclusive Texture System available. Contact Us Today!

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