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colorful paint rollers, paint buckets, and paint brushes from an top down view

Redefining Painting Services for Over 25 Years With Commitment to Our Craft & Our Community 

A white and black trim residential house from the outside

Residential Painting 

With over two decades as a painting service, Contractors Painting & Waterproofing brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of customer needs and expectations to your residential painting project. We use the industry's top of the line products such as Sherman Williams and others. Our mission is customer satisfaction... In fact – we guarantee it!

"As usual, you have done an excellent job. As you know I've spent the last 38 years in the home building industry and contractors that can be depended on to do quality work is rare. Thanks for being one of those contractors!


-Happy Customer


Commercial Painting 

As a commercial painting company, we provide professional painting experts who have experience from painting preparation to finishing. We take care of the furniture or the interior with safety measures to prevent unnecessary damage to other surfaces or paint grains. A vast range of services is offered to ensure interior and exterior walls of your commercial building are well maintained. Services include renovations and maintenance of existing buildings as well as new constructions. Challenges that usually affect wall surfaces during paintings - such as blistering of the painted surface, growth of mildew on the wall, layer of paint peeling away on account of adhesion, lack of a adhesion to galvanized surface, etc., are no match for our team.

"I highly recommend Contractors Painting & Waterproofing for your painting and repair needs. Our buildings were painted and waterproofed with little to no inconvenience to our membership or guest and the results were beautiful!"

- GM of Vanderbilt Beach & Harbour Club


A red and orange strip mall- exterior
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